Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Experience with New Age LED Grow Lights and How It Transformed My Business

This is the experience of a hydroponics grower who switched to LED lights and transformed his business. He was growing exotic herbs and vegetables using the hydroponics method and supplied to select restaurants in his area. After switching to LED lighting n an experimental basis, the quality and quantity of produce improved so much that he switched over entirely to this method of lighting even though it entailed more investment.

“The starting point to switching over to LEDs was this website I came across offering New Age 600 watt LED grow lights for sale. I grow exotic herbs and vegs for select restaurants and use CFL as the lighting source. I have banks of cool white CFLs and banks of warmer toned CFLs that I switch according to the stage of growth of the plants. I had been toying with the idea of LEDs but was not entirely convinced about their suitability. The cost especially deterred me from making the change. Luckily the sale offer tempted me and I bought one module to check it out. I positioned it over a bed and kept records of the growth patterns of herbs grown under it and herbs grown in a similar sized bed lighted by CFLs.  Here are my observations after six months:

“The 600 watt LED grow light for sale at MVP Hydroponics actually contains 200 3W LEDs arranged in a matrix. The design is good with stainless body and cooling arrangement at the top to extract hot air with the help of small fans.

On switching on I found light is directional and evenly spread. To my surprise the light is cool and this meant I could position the module close to the plants without fear of their burning up. This means I do not need to water plants frequently, which saves time and effort for me. The module consumes less power but the intensity of light is the same as that obtained from other lamps consuming 1000 watts. The best thing about the module is that it has a controller. It was as simple as turning a knob to set the desired color easily. With CFLs I had to remove one type and insert another type into the sockets, a time consuming experience. With this new age LED I set the color as required at each growth stage. Needless to say I had the most succulent greens and large, red juicy tomatoes. That alone is worth the investment and I did earn praise from my restaurant clients.”

It is new and revolutionary. The convenience and time saving as well as money saving features of this array are simply amazing. Considering the long life, rising costs of electricity and the superior results, more and more hydroponics growers prefer MVP LED new age lighting modules these days. LED is the renaissance of lighting.


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