Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Grab the LED Hydroponic Grow Light for Sale and You Will Never Regret Your Decision

LEDs have come of age. From research labs they moved to use in industry and then into homes and for general purpose lighting, the true sign of maturity. Prices have fallen from the absurdly high to the affordable rates that put LEDs within easy reach of every homeowner. They have become ubiquitous. If LEDs are finding widespread use for general purpose illumination, the credit goes to the development of the full spectrum white LEDs that mimic Sunlight in quality. The same quality makes them ideal for use in hydroponics where lighting plays a crucial role in determining plant yields.

It is only now that hydroponics growers are waking up to the decided advantages of the LED as the perfect light source. CFL and Fluorescent tubes, even if chosen for CRI, can never have a full spectrum. The same applies to high intensity sodium vapor lamps. Mercury vapor lamps are decidedly greenish-blue in hue. Metal halide is a bit closer but still does not possess the full spectrum of colors from ultra violet to infra-red. They are also power hungry and have a short life. In addition, these light sources have low conversion efficiency, dissipating energy as heat, which poses a threat to the plants. In sum, these lamps are power hungry, cannot be dimmed and need frequent replacement. Hydroponic growers can grab the LED hydroponic grow lights for sale and overcome all the shortcomings of traditional lighting.

LED grow light represents an investment. For a businessman, the main concern is ROI or return on investment. A 900 watt LED grow light costs around $ 1999. The ROI can be considered in these terms:

  • 900W LED grow light emits light equivalent to a 1400 watt lamp, saving 500 watts
  • LEDs have a nominal life of 100000 hours, 5 times that of conventional CFL. For the same duration a grower would have to buy 5 replacements CFL or HIPS lamps.
  • An LED module is about 30 inches x 15 inches in size with a matrix of about 300 LEDs for a 900 watt module. Light spread is even and the module can be positioned close to the plant, promoting better growth.
  • LED lights emit very little heat and do away with expensive ventilation and the need for frequent watering.
  • Intensity and spectral quality can be varied with the use of digital controller. Just one module allows grower to set it to emit blue-green light for saplings to grow fast and, when they reach maturity, change the color to yellow-orange-red for better flowering and budding. Growers get more yields and of better quality, which fetches better prices.

The best full spectrum LED modules are made by MVP Hydroponics, a leader in LED lighting, who makes available grow lights specifically for the hydroponics industry.

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